Blockchain technology

architect, developer, consultant

Professional experience:

20 years of experience in software development as a programmer, architect, project manager, product manager.

Since 2017 he has been involved in Blockchain technology. In 2020, he designed and developed the high efficiency Blockchain platform for Enterprise companies (BCHAINNODE).

The BCHAINNODE platform includes the following modules:

  • NODEMANAGER – manages the Blockchain node
  • SCMANAGER – is responsible for managing smart contracts and makes available functions implemented in them
  • AUTHMANAGER – manages the API authentication
  • P2PMANAGER – is responsible for peer-to-peer network communication, which enables building clusters
  • ENCRYPTION – module responsible for strong data encryption and Zero Knowledge Procedures
  • DURABLEMEDIUM – a module providing a repository of documents with features of a durable information carrier. Data/documents are cryptographically secured and stored “on chain”.
  • SELFCHECK – responsible for self-verification of the Blockchain node’s software

The BCHAINNODE technology has successfully passed security tests (OWASP).

SAST (sonarqube) automated source code tests score A in all categories (security, reliability, maintainability).

Main skills:


  • SHA2, SHA3, Keccak, Mercle Tree
  • AES
  • RSA
  • SAST
  • Zero Knowledge Proof


  • AngularJS/Angular2+
  • Typescript/Javascript
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap


  • Nodejs/javascript/web3/ethers
  • LevelDB


  • Xamarin forms (xaml, .net)


  • AI/Machine learning: Apache Spark
  • Elasticstack (elasticsearch, kibana)
  • Metamask